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Some HeadFIT tools involve going outside or spending time with other people but, for now, please use the tools in line with the latest Government guidelines on the Coronavirus. The most important action we can all take in fighting Coronavirus is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

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Increasing Positive Activities

Overview: Increasing Positive Activities

We all have activities that we know make us feel good – emotionally and physically. But sometimes we just feel too busy, too focused on one aspect of everyday life or work to make time for them. This exercise is all about restoring the balance and consciously putting those positive activities back on the map.

The Why

This is a direct application of the principles of the cognitive behavioural model which underpins all the HeadFIT exercises. Engaging in positive behaviours – rather than negative or unhealthy behaviours – is more likely to result in positive thoughts. Positive thoughts then cause an increase in positive emotions which in turn fuels a more positive cycle of performance.

Great for…

De-stress, Mood



Take a pause and identify what activities make you feel happy – make a list of what these are


Have you recently stopped engaging in some of these activities? If so, ask yourself “why?”


Consciously plan positive activities into your diary. Identify ones that you could easily do every day like listening to music or going for a short walk or a run. Then think about the ones you might do weekly or monthly – the kind of activities which take more organising or cost something such as going to the cinema or having lunch with a friend.

Additional tools to help you de-stress

Use the HeadFIT tools to improve your drive, confidence, mood and how you de-stress...