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Some HeadFIT tools involve going outside or spending time with other people but, for now, please use the tools in line with the latest Government guidelines on the Coronavirus. The most important action we can all take in fighting Coronavirus is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

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15 Minute Rule

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Overview: 15-minute rule

Sometimes doing something just feels like too much effort, like taking exercise or starting a piece of work that we know is important. So try this exercise. Chunk the work down into a 15-minute task and give yourself permission to stop after 15 minutes if you want to. Nine times out of ten you will just continue what you’ve started.

Why it works

One of the hardest things about doing something is getting moving, especially if it is something we don’t want to do or if it feels like a big task. By giving yourself permission to do just 15 minutes, you get over the “starting it” hurdle because 15 minutes feels manageable. Once you have overcome the hardest bit, the chances are you will continue.

Great for…




Pay attention to what you are putting off.


Is there a real valid reason you are not engaging with it or, be honest, is it something you know you should be doing and you are just playing for time? If it’s the latter, then move to the next step!


Stop feeling stuck by telling yourself you will do the task for 15 minutes only. Once you have reached the fifteen minutes, you can decide if you want to finish it there or carry on – up to you. Simple.

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